To change the architectural profession to lead evidence driven sustainable growth. 

Anto4Riba, RIBA Council Election 2015

Anto4Riba, RIBA Council Election 2015

My name is Antonio Pisano. Architect. Founder of UK based Marcel Mauer Architecture, partner and head of smart city at CAIRE Urbanistica in Italy and Co Chair of G4C Constructing Excellence, a UK focused, world wide, best practice cross industry focus group.

RIBA President Elect Jane Duncan suggested I tried to get elected as RIBA Councillor to share some of the work I have been doing on digital innovation and open data with the rest of our profession… and here I am.

My reason to stand is to claim back architects’ pivotal role in the construction industry and society at large. I will work within the RIBA Council to pursue:

Digital Revolution

To grasp the opportunity that lies ahead in open big data and digitisation of planning and design

Social Value

To communicate the data driven evidence of the social value added by our profession

Community Integration

To improve the role of architects in driving change and gather online and offline communities together

I have been asked by RIBA president elect Jane Duncan to stand in order to continue, within the RIBA, the work I successfully delivered in relation to:

Sustainability, with Paul Morell first and the CIC 2050 Group later, pushing the envelope of best practice to achieve a Low Carbon construction industry

Collaboration, with Don Ward and Constructing Excellence, exploring new ways of briefing, procuring, delivering and measuring the construction industry outcome

Skills Gap, with Peter Hansford and G4C, improving the image of the industry and developing digital communication tools to re brand our sector and actract young talent into the industry

Open Data, with Building Research Establishment (BRE) and Open Data Institute (ODI), increasing the level of data literacy of the construction industry and support a construction industry focused open data app developer community

Digitising the Planning System, with RIBA and ARUP, paving the way for an Internet of Things for the Built Environment.

My passion for sustainability, equality and open data has given me access to key focus groups, organisations and individuals in the UK construction industry. Now it is time for me to go back to my own profession and contribute to the improvement of the conditions and recognition of architects’ work.

RIBA elections ballot period will run from 29th of June – 20th of July. I will need your vote to sit on RIBA Council and make sure that the role of architects will re gain central cultural and professional leadership in the age of digital innovation.

More of my work on innovation:

Oxford Brookes University Lecture, with G4C Constructing Excellence

Presentation of Project Eaaasy App

Changing the Image of Construction, with RIBA

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