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Nichelino Masterplan

Aerial view showing the connection of the new park to the city.

In partnership with CAIRE Urbanistica, Marcel Mauer Architecture developed the New Urban Plan for the town of Nichelino in the outskirts of Turin, Italy. Our on going collaboration with a leading European urban planning firm has given us the opportunity to test the boundaries between architecture and urban design. Feasibility and massing studies have been crucial to inform the Local Authority’s new legislation. The plan highlights five regeneration development areas that will deliver much needed improvement to the public realm.

Three of these areas are in close proximity of the river Sangone. For these the our masterplan aims at improving the relationship between the city and the river. The fourth area has been addressed in order to improve the street network surrounding the rail station while the fifth one is related to the future regional park of Nichelino. In the recent decades, the partially regulated spread of small to medium manufacturing facilities have progressively closed off public access to the riverfront. Our plan will give back the river to the city by implementing a linear park and re-distributing private development in denser and more efficient building typologies.

Sustainable Masterplanning in Italy

Nichelino Masterplan, private development feasibility massing.


A series of hybrid residential and office towers will emerge in the skyline of Turin, framed by the breath taking background of the Alps. The fourth area involves the in-depth study of the urban landscape crossed by two roads (via Torino and via XXV Aprile) highlighting both private development opportunities and the principles of the public local development plan. Rather than waiting for private investors to interpret the Local Authority’s vision, we worked together with the local Planners to publish simple development guidelines that will both safeguard the public agenda and harnessing private investment energy.


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