Our architectures, master plans, public engagement events and installations.

MM ZeroC02 Roof Extension wins Planning Approval

  Marcel Mauer’s zero carbon roof extension and interior refurbishment of a light industrial warehouse in Dalston, London won planning permission in February 2018. The news has arrived after a long planning negotiation. In the words of Antonio Pisano, director… read more

The Open Data Monastery

The noisy swarm of tourists suddenly seems to evaporate as one leaves Ponte Vecchio and turns left into the narrow Costa San Giorgio, a steep uphill incline unsurprisingly  unpopular among the 48.6 million tourists who visit Florence every year. Perhaps, if tourists knew what hides… read more

Marazzi Showroom Paris Boulevard Saint Germain

Repetita iuvant / Repeating does good. Following on from our success in Clerkenwell, Marazzi Group invited us to bring to completion their showroom at 63 Boulevard Saint Germain, located at walking distance from Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Among other tendering contractors we invited ISG, who… read more

Marazzi Showroom in Clerkenwell

In the first London showroom of one of the world-leading manufacturer in ceramic tiles, we deliberatively chose not to display the material as a found object, but rather to use the material to build a small architecture to be inserted… read more

La Polveriera, Building A.

Project Conversion of two 1940s Military hangars in a multi purpose social hub with Disabled People Care Home, Daily Walk In Centre, Offices for NGOs and Cooperatives, Meeting Space, Restaurant and Cafe, Charity Shop. Site Reggio Emilia, Italy Client La… read more

Live from Site: Conversion of Industrial Heritage and Mixed Use Regeneration

It took us four years, infinite passion and a visionary client but finally works are entering in their final stage for the conversion and change of use of two former military warehouses in the city of Reggio Emilia in Italy. The architectural… read more

The Grand Budapest Museum

With the digital art community growing rapidly and the knowledge transfer offered by cloud based technology, the brief for a modern and contemporary art museum in Budapest initially left us somewhat sceptical. Far from being against building museums, our criticism was specifically based… read more

Post Earthquake School Campus Masterplan

In May 2012, two major earthquakes occurred in Northern Italy, causing 26 deaths and widespread damage. Straight after the event, temporary prefabricated buildings were rapidly built to provide shelter and public services. The town of Camposanto, near Modena, was heavily affected by… read more

Former Military Area Regeneration – Ex Polveriera

Just outside the historical exagonal perimeter of the old city of Reggio Emilia, in Northern Italy, a former military area is being converted into a mix use civic centre. The area was originally chosen as the practice field for the cavalry… read more

Green Masterplan and Design of a Public Square

During 2013, we collaborated with CAIRE Urbanistica on the master plan for green areas and retail strategy for the historical centre of the city of Schio in Italy. Our first analysis focused on the historical traces of waterways and open… read more

The Gissing Hall Project

Bringing back to life historical buildings often involves understanding the risks and opportunities related to the conversion of architecture’s functions. Working with listed buildings both in the United Kingdom and Italy we appreciate how fine the border bewteen conservation and building design sometimes can be…. read more

Back to the Park

    In partnership with CAIRE Urbanistica, Marcel Mauer Architecture developed the New Urban Plan for the town of Nichelino in the outskirts of Turin, Italy. Our on going collaboration with a leading European urban planning firm has given us… read more

Sustainable School Design

This design entry for two public schools in the town of Merano, in Trentino Italy focused on social, urban and symbolic relevance of the school within its community. The asymmetry of the site has been used to our advantage to… read more

School in Switzerland

Design competition entry for a new school campus in Granges-Paccot, Switzerland.  

City Office Fit Out

Office fit-out is a frequent, material-intensive upgrading cycle. Interior finishes for commercial space are usually replaced every three to five years with significant waste of energy and resources. The absence of an integrated business model for material re-use and the… read more

Double bridge on the Italian Alps

In this competition entry for the new bridge and car park design for the town of Moena in Trentino our objective was to minimise the impact on wildlife and biodiversity. We achieved that by leaving the river banks untouched and,… read more

Lechelles, Switzerland. New Community Centre.

The municipality of Lechelles launched a design competition for the creation of a new community centre. Our competition entry, beyond the specific remit of building design, focused on the urban impact on the new public asset. The design of the… read more

Domestic Lifeboat 1

In South East London we designed the conversion of an existing garage into a small residential unit for a couple. More than a house squeezed into a flat, we tried to combine the efficiency of an emergency device, such as… read more

Paper Mill Conversion Masterplan

During 2009 we collaborated with CAIRE Urbanistica to design the conversion masterplan of a disused papermill factory in Ormea, Piemonte, Italy. The factory, dating back to the 1830s, is perceived as part of the landscape and our brief was to design a… read more

Weapons Decommissioning Plant – Education Facility Masterplan

In 2011 we were asked to produce a concept masterplan for the partial conversion of a military weapons decommissioning plant into a higher education masterplan for high level security logistics and health and safety. The base is located in a… read more

St. Francis Convent

In 2012 Marcel Mauer Architecture was shortlisted for the conservation and conversion of use of the Saint Francis Convent in Bagnacavallo near Ravenna, Italy. As part of our proposal for the care and adaptation of the XXVI Century grade I listed structure… read more

Solid wall

Small residential project in East London. We focused our design entirely on the design and construction of a new, solid, brick and a half, English bond, wall. Working with the client and discussing the subtle yet crucial difference between thinly layered… read more

This is Architecture

  In 2012 we produced an art installation which also allowed us to raise money for Shelter. The work focused on the notion of interior/exterior : private/public investigating the relationship between human body and construction labour. Performance specifications: A cube made out… read more

Barn Conversion

Low carbon design for the conversion of a private barn in South Norfolk. The design focused on the internal insulation of the historical fabric and the use of off site manufactured concrete panels for the interior structures and partitions.  

East London Warehouse Conversion

Interior design based on off site manufactured concrete staircase, polished concrete floor and timber mezzanine construction.  

Porto Apartment

The design focused on the use of local artisans and suppliers for the fabrication of the welded steel staircase and the supply of the decorative tiles.

Regeneration Ring, Urfa, Turkey

In 2011 we collaborated with Karaslaan Architects, Istanbul, for the regeneration master plan of the city of Urfa, UNESCO World Heritage, near the border with Siria. The city, despite the extraordinary value of its main places of interest, suffers from… read more