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The Open Data Monastery

The noisy swarm of tourists suddenly seems to evaporate as one leaves Ponte Vecchio and turns left into the narrow Costa San Giorgio, a steep uphill incline unsurprisingly  unpopular among the 48.6 million tourists who visit Florence every year. Perhaps, if tourists knew what hides… read more

Collaboration, Design and Opening Parties

During the last Clerkenwell Design Week, Marazzi have officially opened their first London showroom at 90-92 St. John’s Street designed and managed by Marcel Mauer Architecture and delivered by ISG – Realys. The opening party gathered almost 500 people among… read more

Incremental Densification 4 Urban Regeneration.

The environmental and housing crises require new approaches to urban growth.  One of the most complex aspects to increasing housing supply, commercial opportunities and community services is the problem of convincing local residents to accept new levels of density in their… read more

An Internet of Narrative, Making Sense of the IoT

Presentation by Marcel Mauer at the Vision Olympia Conference in London on the Internet of Things and the future of the Built Environment. First question, where is the IoT coming from? The IoT is the result of the combined development… read more

Take It or Leave it. Or Change It.

More or less predictably, the jab-cross combination of Economic Recession and Skills Gap has landed a significant blow to the business-as-usual mentality of the UK Construction Industry. After three long years of ducking and diving along the line of zero… read more

Re(de)fine Market

Camden Town Rockabilly after work pint. Discussing with my former colleagues at Sheppard Robson how to secure higher fees and better recognition for our profession. Why do architects’ salaries double when working for a contractor? Why is the architect’s fee seen as… read more

You may say I am an Open Data dreamer

  Open data has been described by Tim Berners-Lee (the inventor of the www protocol) as the new frontier of the Internet. We find ourselves today in respect to open data in a similar situation to the one we faced… read more

An Internet of Things for the Built Environment

  This article was originally created for the RIBA + ARUP research project Digitising the Planning System. To know more click here.   At once fascinating and terrifying, the emergence of the Internet of Things seems an unstoppable drift that digital technology will… read more

Data to the People

Sometimes it is useful to believe that history is a progression towards common good. Although many may argue that the idea of that a scientific, modernist continuous progress is substantially flawed, a linear narrative of social achievement is not entirely irrelevant should one wish… read more


To change the architectural profession to lead evidence driven sustainable growth.  My name is Antonio Pisano. Architect. Founder of UK based Marcel Mauer Architecture, partner and head of smart city at CAIRE Urbanistica in Italy and Co Chair of G4C Constructing Excellence, a… read more

An intro to Open Data

  During the first episode of our video interview series we asked Prof Tim Stonor, director at Space Syntax and Dr Stuart Chalmers, Data Scientist at BRE, about their opinion regarding the use of open data in the construction industry…. read more

Why do we do this? MM Lecture at Oxford Brookes University

Where is the epic quest in working in construction? Kindly invited by the Constructing Excellence Oxford Club, we gave a short lecture to  project management and architecture students on why entering a career in the construction sector. Special thanks to Prof…. read more

BRE Trust, G4C and Marcel Mauer on Open Data in Construction

The construction industry has got a tricky job to do. Whilst other industries can rely on the accuracy of computers, laboratories or factories to deliver their products, we produce outdoors. Our products have roots but, unlike agriculture, we cannot let… read more

Self Developing Communities

Everyone is talking about the housing crisis. Someone blames the planning system, others blame the property market. Almost everyone agrees that the housing market needs re thinking.  We seek value in the wrong place.  We cannot measure all aspects of value… read more

Marcel Mauer on Siah Armajani published on INVENTARIO Bookzine

In early April 2015, with the collaboration of Parasol Unit Art Gallery in London, Marcel Mauer publishes on Inventario Bookzine an extensive article on the life and work of Sirian born American artist. Extract below, to read more get your… read more

Rebranding Construction Campaign

Constructing Excellence G4C, RIBA and CIC 2050Group have joined forces to kick-start a cross industry campaign to improve the public perception of the construction sector.   A panel debate was hosted by the RIBA on the 17th June and chaired… read more

With Sir Donald Insall

  Marcel Mauer (MM): Heritage plays a crucial role in informing, limiting or catalysing urban regeneration. Through conservation and listed building regulations the Local Authority gains leverage to pursue the public agenda as much as private developers can rely on a… read more

L’Architettura del Mondo at the Triennale in Milan

This article was written by Marcel Mauer for the exhibition L’architettura del Mondo. Infrastrutture, Mobilità, Nuovi Paesaggi at the Triennale Museum in Milan. We will update the English translation as soon as possible. Con 150 anni di storia, 270 stazioni e più… read more

World Expo 2015, students workshops @ Politecnico di Milano

In 2012 Marcel Mauer Architecture was invited by EXPO 2015, Ghigos Studio and Politecnico di Milano to run a series of workshops on the design of theme pavilions as part of the World Expo 2015 Masterplan.

With Joep Van Lieshout

This interview with Joep Van Lieshout was written by Marcel Mauer and originally published on ABITARE #523 Marcel Mauer: It always looked to me that you are getting ready for catastrophe. In your career you conceived, designed and built enough… read more

Let’s Talk About Money

              This article was written by Marcel Mauer and originally published on ABITARE #520. “Let’s talk about money.” Partially shielded by a concrete column from the flashes of the journalists, Rem Koolhaas – instead of… read more

With Keith Clarke

                This article was orginally written by Marcel Mauer in 2011 for Building Magazine but got never published. MM: Equality in the construction industry is finally being addressed but we are still far… read more