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I have always been too interested in architecture to be able to bear the unimaginativeness of academic education and, before meeting my assistants, I willingly ignored any divergence between architecture, music, dance, poetry or philosophy.

I first became acquainted with Antonio and Lorenzo in 2008. I met them at the Old Boys’ club in Hackney, East London. Through the many stimulating conversations that followed our encounter, my delight, formed in my earlier years, for the pure discipline of composition, grew and I became ever more aware of the intricacies of the architectural profession.

I have been so inspired by Lorenzo’s analytical aptitude and by Antonio’s synthetical firmness that I could not be more delighted to support their decision of opening their office in 2011. Since then, and whenever possible, my duty has been the one of nurturing the honesty in their work and offering, when possible, my modest counsel. Their decision to name their practice after me always seemed to be utterly disproportionate to the quality of my contribution to their great work.

Many people have assisted them in creating their projects, articles and installations. I thank all of them for their passion and enthusiasm.


Marcel Mauer

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