Marazzi Showroom Paris Boulevard Saint Germain

Marazzi Paris Entrance on Boulevard Saint Germain.

Repetita iuvant / Repeating does good.

Following on from our success in Clerkenwell, Marazzi Group invited us to bring to completion their showroom at 63 Boulevard Saint Germain, located at walking distance from Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Among other tendering contractors we invited ISG, who eventually won the bid and proved once again a valuable and effective delivery partner.

Time was of the essence since the opening date was scheduled for Paris Design Week (September 2017) and much was left undone by the first delivery team. MM troops were parachuted in to meet the ambitious deadline.

Marazzi Showroom Paris – Interiors.

Despite the typical summer construction slowdown, we were lucky to meet passionate tradesmen on site who helped us resolve in record time many coordination issues triggered by the complex and beautifully ornate listed historical building.

The interior design of Marazzi Paris Showroom leaves the original space intact, whilst establishing intense visual connection between inside and outside. At ground floor, newly built free standing partitions are clad with Marazzi’s latest collection. The free standing structures emerge as iconic forms whose symbolism shifts between opposite references. At once domestic spaces and autonomous sculptures, the wall fragments resemble cut-outs of refined French residences whilst posing themselves as standalone art pieces, borrowed from an art gallery and displayed as small ceramic monuments.

Marazzi Showroom Paris, Street frontage.

At first floor, a series of meeting rooms is created so to match the original layout of the XIX century flat. White, sinuous, bespoke tables have been designed specifically for each meeting room softening the stark contrast between warm historical dark parquet flooring and Marazzi sleek contemporary tiles displayed on the walls.


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