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With Sir Donald Insall

  Marcel Mauer (MM): Heritage plays a crucial role in informing, limiting or catalysing urban regeneration. Through conservation and listed building regulations the Local Authority gains leverage to pursue the public agenda as much as private developers can rely on a… read more

Former Military Area Regeneration – Ex Polveriera

Just outside the historical exagonal perimeter of the old city of Reggio Emilia, in Northern Italy, a former military area is being converted into a mix use civic centre. The area was originally chosen as the practice field for the cavalry… read more

The Gissing Hall Project

Bringing back to life historical buildings often involves understanding the risks and opportunities related to the conversion of architecture’s functions. Working with listed buildings both in the United Kingdom and Italy we appreciate how fine the border bewteen conservation and building design sometimes can be…. read more

Out Team

Marcel Mauer Architecture is run by directors and founders Lorenzo Baldini and Antonio Pisanò with the overarching vision of Marcel Mauer. In 2012 Marcel Mauer Architecture established a strategic partnership with multidisciplinary Urban Planning consultancy CAIRE Urbanistica. The joint venture… read more

St. Francis Convent

In 2012 Marcel Mauer Architecture was shortlisted for the conservation and conversion of use of the Saint Francis Convent in Bagnacavallo near Ravenna, Italy. As part of our proposal for the care and adaptation of the XXVI Century grade I listed structure… read more

Regeneration Ring, Urfa, Turkey

In 2011 we collaborated with Karaslaan Architects, Istanbul, for the regeneration master plan of the city of Urfa, UNESCO World Heritage, near the border with Siria. The city, despite the extraordinary value of its main places of interest, suffers from… read more