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Live from Site: Conversion of Industrial Heritage and Mixed Use Regeneration

It took us four years, infinite passion and a visionary client but finally works are entering in their final stage for the conversion and change of use of two former military warehouses in the city of Reggio Emilia in Italy. The architectural… read more

Why do we do this? MM Lecture at Oxford Brookes University

Where is the epic quest in working in construction? Kindly invited by the Constructing Excellence Oxford Club, we gave a short lecture to  project management and architecture students on why entering a career in the construction sector. Special thanks to Prof…. read more

BRE Trust, G4C and Marcel Mauer on Open Data in Construction

The construction industry has got a tricky job to do. Whilst other industries can rely on the accuracy of computers, laboratories or factories to deliver their products, we produce outdoors. Our products have roots but, unlike agriculture, we cannot let… read more

Rebranding Construction Campaign

Constructing Excellence G4C, RIBA and CIC 2050Group have joined forces to kick-start a cross industry campaign to improve the public perception of the construction sector.   A panel debate was hosted by the RIBA on the 17th June and chaired… read more