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Incremental Densification 4 Urban Regeneration.

The environmental and housing crises require new approaches to urban growth.  One of the most complex aspects to increasing housing supply, commercial opportunities and community services is the problem of convincing local residents to accept new levels of density in their… read more

An Internet of Narrative, Making Sense of the IoT

Presentation by Marcel Mauer at the Vision Olympia Conference in London on the Internet of Things and the future of the Built Environment. First question, where is the IoT coming from? The IoT is the result of the combined development… read more

World Expo 2015, students workshops @ Politecnico di Milano

In 2012 Marcel Mauer Architecture was invited by EXPO 2015, Ghigos Studio and Politecnico di Milano to run a series of workshops on the design of theme pavilions as part of the World Expo 2015 Masterplan.

Antonio Pisanò

Architect, co-founder and director of Marcel Mauer Architects in London; partner of Caire-Urbanistica in Italy. Antonio has a vast experience in the UK and overseas markets with residential, hospitality, office and mixed-use projects designed and built in the UK, Italy… read more